Busoni's brooding concert piece for piano and orchestra Op.31a (...)
was performed by Caroline Alassio with virtuosity, sharp contours and resolution.

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 19. August 2003

Haydn concert for pianoforte and orchestra in D Major:
(...) She captured with precision themes, rhythms, skilful passages (...)

La Stampa, Turin, 21. März 2001

Bach concert for pianoforte and orchestra BWV 1056 F Minor:
(...) The third movement lit up with a universal transcendent vision.

La Stampa, Turin, 20. März 2000

Chopin concert for pianoforte and orchestra in E Minor Op.11:
She (...) has imparted to the themes of Chopin
incisiveness and elegance of phrasing
and intense sonority,
talents which derive from an outstanding technique.

La Stampa, Turin, 25. Mai 1999

She owns a very refined talent
with a superior technique and shows an iron will.

La Stampa, Turin, 29. Juni 1996

(...) She knows how to light the flames of passion.
(...) She has succeeded in bringing to life,
with well balanced transparency of the parts,
the themes woven and presented in "filligrana"
by Liszt from the Opera of Bellini.

Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin, 06. März 1996

(...) The last sonata C Minor by Beethoven was performed
by her with youthful rapture,
with expressive force, in a brilliant manner and extreme sensitivity.

(...) The Scherzo H Minor by Chopin and above all
his Fantasia Polonaise were built with a tension
made up of stupendous virtuosity within a touching melancholy...

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 22. März 1994

(...) In the Ballad F Major Opus 38 by Chopin
she let the singing tone filter through in the musical introduction,
thanks to the sudden firy presto marked by technical brilliance.

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 07. Februar 1993